We offer a wide range of parts and products that  are well know in the diesel industry and use only the best products for your vehicle to ensure premium performance and durability.

Authorized Fass Fuel systems dealer

Industrial Injection products 


Heavy Duty Clutches, with up to 25% more material & Roller Torrington Bearings built for performance.

Trans Oil Coolers
22% more cooling over other designs. Large thermostatically controlled fan rated over 30,000 GVW.

Bosch quality testing standards, OEM replacement & performance sets.

Injection Pumps
OEM replacements & high performance, custom built for all diesels.

Up Pipes and Turbo Supply Systems
Prevents exhaust leaks & increases turbo efficiency.

Adjustable Track Bar
High Strength Drop-Forged built, Stamp Forged Rod Ends, Black Chromate coated. Designed for stock up to 8" lifts, prevents dog tracking and wandering.

Steering Stabilizers
Eliminates Steering Wander & Death Wobble Greaseable Bearing.

Charge Air Coolers
Extruded tube design, cools intake air, and adds performance.

  Authorized Dynomite Diesel Products dealer

EGR Cooler:
  • Problem: The factory EGR Cooler has three thin oval tubes with fins. When the oil cooler becomes restricted, lack of coolant will flow to the EGR cooler, causing extreme heat internally which will cause it to crack.  
  • Solution: Replace with a "Bullet Proof Diesel" upgraded cooler made of six round stainless steel tubes.

Head Gaskets:
  • Problem:  Factory head gaskets are not the problem, but they fail due to factory head bolts stretching when there is high cylinder pressure. Bolts are more common to stretch under increased horsepower with the use of a tuner.
  • Solution: Replace the head gasket using an OEM gasket and a stronger fastener to keep the head clamped to the block. (ARP Head Studs).

Oil Cooler:
  • Problem: On the stock 6.0 oil cooler the passages are narrow, made of many thin aluminum layers that allow for exchange of heat. Buildup of sludge in the cooler reduces its efficiency by insulating the metal from the fluids. When the buildup becomes thick, coolant is unable to sufficiently flow to the EGR cooler causing heat to not be removed. When heat is not removed from the EGR cooler it will overheat causing it to crack and coolant will enter into the exhaust system or exhaust will enter the cooling system.
  • Solution: Remove stock block mounted oil cooler and replace with a "Bullet Proof Diesel" remote air to oil cooler allowing no flow restriction to the EGR cooler. 

Throttle Controls
Staging Limiters, Throttle Sensitivity Boosters, High Idle & Tap Shifters.

Torque Converters
1, 2, or 3 Multi Clutch options, 1-piece Stamp Forged Covers & Sand Casted, Low Stall Stators.

Turbo Chargers
OEM replacement for automotive and commercial performance & towing kits, also race applications.

Ford Cam Caster Adjusters 
For lifted Super Dutys, it corrects caster to a more positive angle and prevents potential steering issues.

Exhaust Brakes
Variable Butterfly Technology retards power throughout the engine's RPM range.

Exhaust Manifolds
Dodge and Chevy Diesels: High Silicon Ductile Iron, increased power and better economy, prevents cracking!

Electronic Variable Vane Exhaust Brakes
Up to 130 retarding HP, different modes controlled by a rotary switch.

Turbine Diverter Valve
Reduce big turbo lag and prevents poor spool up time. The ultimate off-the-line response.